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Premier Healthcare Infusion Center

Landmark Medical Center
550 S. Landmark Ave
Bloomington, Indiana 47403

Infusion therapy is the intravenous administration of medication. IV medications are prescribed by a physician when a patient’s condition or disease state cannot effectively be treated by conventional therapies or oral medications. At Premier Healthcare, we provide infusion therapy for Cancer, Gastrointestinal Diseases (such as Crohn's Disease), Rheumatoid Arthritis, Congestive Heart Failure, Infection, Dehydration, and Electrolyte replacement. We also provide injection therapy for many types of illnesses.

Our infusion center is staffed by Oncology Certified Registered Nurses. Treatment is given in comfortable recliners and snacks and drinks are available. Treatment provided in an infusion center is more cost effective than treatment administered in a hospital or long-term care facility.

If you need IV therapy, please have your healthcare provider contact our infusion center.