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Premier Foot and Ankle
550 S. Landmark Ave
Bloomington, Indiana 47403

Dr. Gerry Hash, Premier Foot & Ankle Has relocated to the Landmark Medical Center 550 South Landmark Avenue Dr. Hash welcomes new and existing patients. Please Call 812-339-2446 to schedule an appointment.

Premier Healthcare Podiatry is concerned with injuries and disorders of the feet, ankles and lower extremities. Containing 26 bones, 33 joints and many other muscles, tendons and ligaments, feet are complex structures and require expert care.

Our Podiatry specialist, Gerry Hash, DPM, DABPS, FACFAS, concentrates exclusively on diseases of the foot and ankle. Using both surgical and non-surgical techniques, our experienced provider and staff work together to provide the best podiatric care in Southern Indiana. The entire staff of Premier Foot and Ankle, is dedicated to your comfort and to taking care of you from start to finish.

Services include: