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Physicians specializing in sports medicine are experts in the diagnosis and treatment of muscle, bone, and joint problems related to exercise and aging including tendonitis and arthritis. They also have training and experience in the diagnosis and treatment of sports related concussions. They may also treat chronic conditions such as asthmas or diabetes that can adversely affect physical performance.

Premier Healthcare is the official Sports Medicine provider for IU athletics. Our team of physicians including Dr. Larry Rink, Dr. Andy Hipskind, Dr. Ashlee Warren, Dr. Mike LaGrange, and Dr. Heather Dukes provide sideline coverage and athletic training room coverage for all IU sports throughout the year.

In addition to our coverage of the IU Athletic department, Premier Sports Medicine also provides Sports Medicine Coverage for Bloomington High School North, Bloomington High School South, Owen Valley High School, and Edgewood High School. We are dedicated to supporting our local community and keeping our athletes safe.